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Real Vs. Fake Sea Moss: How to Know the Difference

Nov 04, 2021Zhelinrentice Scott

Sea Moss is definitely experiencing an uptick in interest. Many retailers who are in the health and wellness space have added or are in the process of adding sea moss as one of the products that they offer to their customers to help enhance their health. However, not all sea moss is created equal and this blog is going to discuss the differences between sea moss species in terms of effectiveness and quality. 

One thing that is not being discussed in the sea moss market dialogue is What is the difference between real and fake sea moss?  To put things in perspective, we need to know what it means to declare if sea moss is real or phony.

Ocean grown Sea Moss is Real Sea Moss

Sea Moss in its Natural State It comes from the sea's rocks. It gets its minerals from the water, which contains rocks and other sea life such as plants, corals, and natural sunshine, among other things. Real sea moss may be found in pure, non-polluted regions, where it grows the healthiest.

For all of the benefits that sea moss provides, true wildcrafted sea moss provides you with the full complement of 92 minerals out of the 102 that our bodies require. Remember that the majority of these minerals are absorbed by sea moss from the seawater in which it grows.

So, when you buy real sea moss, you're not only receiving the 92 minerals it contains, but you're also getting a healthy, safe product to ingest.

Note: not all wildcrafted sea moss is healthy to consume. Some may grow in polluted areas and come from different parts of the oceans where it's not absorbing many minerals because of the lack of other key plants and sea life that contributes to sea moss healthy growth. 

Pool-grown sea moss is what's known as fake sea moss. 

Sea moss grown in a pool, on the other hand, provides little or no benefit. Rather with the natural salt found in the ocean, they are farmed in pool tanks with additional salt (mainly table or manufactured salt). Fake sea moss doesn't provide anything in the way of minerals in comparison to wildcrafted sea moss. 

Furthermore, this method of producing seamoss may expose the seamoss to hazardous toxins from whatever chemicals are utilized in the pool environment, as well as hasten the development process. This is the genetically modified form of sea moss. There are times where bleaching chemicals are used to help pool-grown sea moss change its color. These chemicals can cause harmful damages to the body over a long period of usage.

Pool grown sea moss when dried is very thick and very very very salty. Sometimes they have moisture in them that makes this type of unnatural sea moss spoil quickly. 

Real Sea moss (wildcrafted) is thin when dried and natural ocean salt. It's not as much as the pool-grown. The salt is a lot less on the wildcrafted sea moss. It's also dried with zero moisture in it so therefore this doesn't necessarily have an expiration. Wildcrafted sea moss expands in water when it's rehydrated.

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