Dried Sea Moss

Our wild raw sea moss comes from the pristine Caribbean waters off the coast of St.Lucia & Trinidad & Tobago. It grows naturally, free of pesticides and chemicals, and is 100% organic. The moss is harvested by hand and processed in a traditional, centuries-old method that preserves its natural healing properties.

Our sea moss drying in the Natural Sun Light.


This Seamoss is grown in the wild without man's assistance. This is sea moss in its purest form and therefore has the highest retention percentage of the nutrients found in Seamoss.

Pool Grown (Did you know there's Fake Sea Moss?)

This Seamoss is grown in a man-made pool environment, in unnatural water and is, usually, grown on ropes. Because it is not within its natural habitat or even in the sea... it does not contain as much nutrients as wildcrafted seamoss. Additionally, this way of growing Seamoss may bring the Seamoss in contact with harmful toxins from whatever chemical is used within the pool environment and, also,to speed the growth process. This can be thought of as the GMO version of sea moss.