Copy of About Us


Our mission at Cardinal Green is to provide the best quality sea moss and naturally made products to our customers.

We commit to be:

  • Passionately focus on customer value
  • Devoted to the highest standards of product quality
  • Involved as responsible citizens in our communities
  • Dedicated to dignity, value and respect of our associates and colleagues

Our Aim

Our aim is for the world to experience the health benefits and healing properties of CGI Green Sea Moss and provide products that can be easily and conveniently incorporated into your everyday life.

Our Story

We at CGI Green are Natives to the Caribbean Islands. We have had generational experience of receiving the healing properties & health benefits contained in sea moss. As traveling around the world, we want others to experience these wonders. We also notice the need for quality sea moss and devoted our time to share nutritious, premium quality sea moss to our customers around the world. Our method is a century-old traditional way of harvesting & naturally processing sea moss.

Why The Caribbean?

Our sea moss is harvested from clean pristine sea waters of the Caribbean where we carefully monitor its natural growing process.

What Is Our Process?

Our sea moss is harvested at its prime growth to ensure its 92 minerals. Then it is thoroughly clean from any seashells, sea plants or rocks latched onto it. After the cleaning process it is placed on mesh beds or hung in the natural sunlight to be dried and prepared for the inspection process. This process dehydrates the sea moss and helps to preserve the sea moss. In its dried state it can stay fresh for over 1 year.

After inspection and approvals, it is then shipped to our facility in the US for packaging and distribution.

Dried sea moss is then processed into a gels and health & wellness products.

Wildcrafted (Organic) & Never Ever GMO

Green & Clean

We help sea life & corals grow beautifully & healthy. Measures that are implemented:

  • Practicing safe and responsible diving and snorkeling. Avoid touching the reefs or anchoring boats on the reef.
  • Take a reef-friendly approach to sun protection. Some ingredients in sunscreen can be harmful to or even kill corals & other sea life.

Sea moss needs a healthy ecosystem to thrive in. We work smart & hard in helping this ecosystem grow.